Rhythm Match

A peculiar Match Three game, where the music keeps the rhythm of the action. Try to make the greatest amount of matches before the fourth beat of every measure.

Play the Zen and Survival Mode and try to get the skins for each mode. Please try the game out and leave any feedback.


We released a beta for our game "Rhythm Match", a block-puzzle game inspired in Tetris Attack and Panel the Pon. Please try it out and comment any feedback you have!

A Slime Team Game

Francisco Galeno - Alonso Mancini - Leandro Gallardo - Juan Ramirez - Gabriel Ortiz - Nicolas Acevedo

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsslimeteam, franopx, warodot, Bibubobee, Rothbilly, Ludofonia
GenrePuzzle, Rhythm
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Endless, Godot, Music, Short, Singleplayer


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The game takes clear inspiration from Panel de Pon / Puzzle Challenge, which was my favorite block puzzle when growing up because of its colorblind-friendly design. I love the aesthetic of Rhythm Match, but I think it doesn’t quite capture that colorblind-friendliness. The two most similar shapes (diagonal hexagon and diagonal square) give me a lot of trouble, because they also have the two most similar colors (green and yellow). I would recommend swapping the hexagon out for a shape with a bolder outline, such as a star, heart, inverted triangle, or “X” shape.


Sound and visual design is great, good job! Though the combo meter seemed odd to me. It seems the combo goes up if there happens to be a match immediately after the fourth beat, which is most of the time out of my control. I personally would have preferred if the combo counted how many beat chains I could go with a match at the end.


Nice game! I liked the main menu music, very chill :)

The game is addictive, even when for me was kind of difficult at the beginning. The aditional themes in the Zen Mode may have more differences from the default (particles, combo sounds)  


I pressed "Z"  (several times) while the "Options Menu" was open, then closed the Menu and it got locked (I couldn't open it with the mouse left click) . Also, "Z" key seems to cache the last option I opened, eg, if i open "How to play" then close it and press "Z",  this menu opens up again.